Cremco couplings offer two different categories of transition couplings:

Cremco Specialty Transition Couplings

From 3/4"-8" sizes, Cremco Specialty couplings connect dissimilar types/sizes of pipe in Cast Iron, Sch 40 plastic, XH Cast Iron, Steel, Copper, and Tubular. Meets ASTM C 1460

Rigid Quik Unshielded Couplings

These connect 1 1/2"-4" Cast Iron, Sch 40 Plastic, XH Cast Iron, Steel, and Copper pipes. Rigid Quik couplings are made with an extremely rigid material Santoprene, which eliminates the need for a shield. Meets ASTM 1461.

Cremco Shielded Transition - Submittal Sheet

Cremco Shielded Transition - List Prices (Excel)

Cremco Shielded Transition - List Prices (PDF)